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Personal Training Plan programs provide you with a monthly training plan tailored to a single or multiple sports of choice. Your goals, race dates and previous experience is all taken into consideration. Depending on individual goals, you may opt to train on one, two, or all of the triathlon disciplines. Each package is designed to work on the physical, technical, and tactical aspects of the discipline, so that you can be your very best on the day of the race.

Personal Training Plan packages include:

  • Unlimited email or phone consultation
  • Monthly training sessions with your coach
  • Monthly program revision
  • Monthly training program including daily workouts for your training zones
  • Wetsuit seminars
  • Bike seminars
  • Equipment discounts at local retail stores
  • Race simulation day prior to race day

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We offer custom sport packages for $90/month and can focus on training for:

  • Running or cycling
  • Duathalon
  • Triathlon

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