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"Nancy is a highly motivated trainer who leads her team with firmness and fun.

She is a natural born leader and her commitment and dedication to the needs and goals of each individual are strong. She is organized and well-prepared for every situation. She leads to success."

Rose McEniry

"Having set a goal last summer to compete
in my first triathlon …

… I was lucky to join a wonderful group with the same commitment. Commitment is one thing but knowing how to reach that goal is quite another. Fortunately we had Coach Nancy.

Nancy is a dedicated coach who provided a training schedule which was achievable and fun. She went above and beyond to inspire us with different venues to train and simulated race days. Nancy also provided external resources to help us with transition, nutrition and hydration. I really looked forward to our training sessions with such a fun group.

I finished the race and Nancy ran beside me encouraging me all the way.

Thanks Coach Nancy, I could never have done it without you."

Sue Reed

"I want to say many, many thanks to 'Super Coach' Nancy …

… who helped get me ready for the Peterborough Half Iron event. Just a year ago, I didn't even know about triathlons, never mind the longer distance events. And, add to that the fact that I couldn't swim, and struggled on the bike... I had a LOT of work to do!

Thanks Nancy for the coaching last summer, throughout the winter, and for introducing me to Gaye so that I could learn to swim. And for running with me on those hot mornings, for putting up with my sluggish abilities on the bike, and making me run off the bike (that's really not fun). And thanks to every one who had patience with me on some of the long bike rides. Cheryl - I appreciate you trying to teach me how to draft, but I still can't do it! It was tough to keep up to you speedy iron people. Thanks for waiting at intersections and letting me catch up to you!"

Diane Gordon