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Second Wind Conditioning can provide you with individualized, expert online coaching that helps you achieve your goals. There are no limits to the number of emails or phone calls.

The Process: First, complete an athlete questionnaire, which gathers detailed information and your training history. Next, choose your goals and program that is right for you. You will receive an email with details for your daily and weekly workout - progressively building up your strength to face the challenges of your race distance.

Program Pricing

• 12 Week Beginners Triathlon Training - $70
• 14 Week Sprint/Olympic Distance Triathlon Training - $75
• 16 Week Half-Ironman/Ironman Triathlon Training - $80
• 14 Week Duathlon Training (10km/40km/5km) - $75
• 10 Week 5km - For your first 5K event - $60
• 10 Week 10K race - complete your first 10K upright
and smiling! - $60
• 16 Week Half Marathon - $75

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